Thursday, October 26, 2017

L.A. Firefighters working a Tarzana carport structure fire | raw footage

Structure Fire - Tarzana, CA

Structure Fire in a carport which extended to the neighbor's family home attic on

in Tarzana Thursday.

19642 W Friar St 
(investigator) Battalion Chief Wordin
Raw Footage Credit: Baddboyfilms News, October 26, 2017 @5:51pm

Carport Fire reported along the 19600 block of West Friar St. East of Corbin Ave. 

The fire broke out Thursday evening at 5:25pm in the carport of a single-family dwelling on the 19600 block of West Friar Street in the southern part of Tarzana, CA. The fire extended through the eastern side of the neighboring yard, which was separated by a cinder block wall.

There is a over-grown tree that is growing in this carport and that ignited into a ball of flame, shooting flames upward and igniting the neighbor’s plastic garden sheds which were constructed between the block wall and their house. As flames extended up the walls of the next door neighboring single family dwelling, black dense smoke could be seen as far as Topanga Canyon Boulevard and Erwin St. near the Westfield Village at Topanga.

The tree was fully involved which had heated the roof from the outside while flames licked the edges and fire finally entered the home’s attic tearing through their home in a partial area of the house, authorities said. How the fire started is still under investigation. Witnesses told Battalion Chief Andrew Wordin that they didn’t know what caused the fire. They said they heard popping sounds outside their homes and came out to see what they were from. 

LA Firefighters had to cut large holes into the roof to ventilate the fumes and smoke caused by this structure fire. The homeowners were upset that they just lost their home to fire but they were lucky to of walked away alive to safety. 

Over 40 Los Angeles Firefighters with a Fire Chief from BC17 and a Battalion Chief from BC17 and many LAFD Paramedics were on standby incase a firefighter or anyone got hurt on scene and needed transportation to a local hospital. Lucky all the children were not hurt and made it out of their homes safely. Baddboyfilms News was on scene.

Incident  type: Fire originated outside, involving a carport at a single family dwelling. Fire extended into the exposed single family dwelling, including the attic. No injuries reported.
Location: 19600 block of Friar St. 
Date/Time: October 26, 2017, Thursday, 5:25pm
Injuries reported: None
Type of structures: two neighboring single family dwellings in a residential zoned neighborhood. 

On scene: EM17 Fire Captain Holt , RA72, RA73, RA93, T105, T93, CM12, CM42, BC17 Battalion Chief Andrew Wordin, E293, E305, E273