Sunday, June 17, 2018

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Woodland Hills News

  The driver was heading South bound along the 5900 block of Topanga Cyn. Bl. approaching the 21900 block of Califa St at noon Sunday when he lost it on the curve. 

Police Officers are always continuing to monitor this highway for street racers who dare the test their skills and the handling of their muscle cars to the ultimate test. 

Topanga Cyn. Bl. is a old known place where motorcycle’s race on the weekends here between Oxnard St to Burbank Blvd. 1/8th of a mile finish line. 

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Sunday June 17, 2018 

  On Topanga Cyn. Bl. there is a wide long stretch curve ahead which takes most street racing competitors with muscle cars by surprise on the slick drizzly mornings as the sun is rising, their is still a thin moist clear layer of dew matting across the asphalt. It creates a slick which forces the racers to over correct their fishtail on the curves. 

Pedestrians walking the sidewalks here are taking their own risks as this famed road draws millions of tourists every month to it’s popular mall the Westfield @Topanga Shopping Center, only one of it’s kind in the San Fernando Valley and the other is far away in Culver City. With all these people in the middle of a Sunday, you have a man who in this story didn’t make it back to the house in his muscle car. He walked home. 

A Man driving the Corvette appeared to be coherent  as Topanga Traffic Police Officers spoke to him at the crash scene where he lost control of his vibrant orange colored Corvette after losing it in passing lanes along Topanga Cyn. Bl. Sunday. 

  He claimed to police a variation of his side of the story. No witnesses showed up to talk to Officers when our cameras were rolling. 

There was a tree and a pole that the driver hit as his car crashed up the sidewalk into the curb then traveled down this busy sidewalk here across the street from a high traffic flowing shopping center, the Westfield Village @Topanga. 

Lafd Paramedics arrived to assist the driver for a transport to a local medical center but the driver declined needing transport for his minor injuries and they released him at the scene on his own. 

OPG Tow was not contacted when Police decided no drugs or alcohol played any part in the crash. 

The man was tested for sobriety and passed. Officers had the driver, who was the registered owner of the Corvette contact his membership through AAA and the dispatch contacted their subcontractor for Triple A, R&B Towing out of Woodland Hills. R&B Towing arrived with a flatbed to assist in the clean up the scene. Lafd Rescue E84 Paramedics on scene. 

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